Innovation in Construction Equipment

Construction equipment continues to evolve, thanks to new technology advancements, and it will impact how the jobsite operates in the future.

As one example, Bosch Rexroth debut a variety of new systems, the new iCube display as well as Genius Cab, an innovative wheel loader cabin concept developed by Bosch and five other companies.

The new 3-D iCube demonstration display lets contractors access 15 different construction applications on four dedicated touchscreens. The system allows contractors to explore solutions and benefits instantly, rotating each component, and zooming in and out for more information as desired.

Another system is the Genius Cab, a wheel loader cabin concept developed by Bosch and five other companies. Bosch and Bosch Rexroth components included on the cab are: direct drive wiper, body computer, ultrasonic sensing, digital outer mirror, BCM software, DI4 terminal, and joystick. The project's aim is to demonstrate how much potential there is for efficient system integration. New products include new technologies aimed to improve performance in skid steer loaders, compact track loaders, and drive train solutions.

The A21 VG 35/45 compact double pump for closed-circuit applications features a back-to-back design that allows for installation in application with very limited mounting space. New A2FM bent-axis hydraulic motors are up to 26% more compact than their predecessors and are notable for their high power density.

While these are just offerings from one company, the technology being developed can be seen in many products by many companies.

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