Crane Simulator Comes to Construction

Technology is enabling better training, service, and career advancement. Case in point: simulators that can give a virtual education on how to operate heavy equipment.

As one example, ProBility Media Corp., an education technology company has built a training and career advancement brand for the skilled trades, and recently teamed up with GlobalSim Inc., a provider of simulators and training systems for a variety of industries including ports, construction, and military.

The companies have launched the VR Construction Crane Simulator. This allows for an immersive training experience.

The VR platform uses real equipment controls, joysticks, and buttons so operators can become familiar with the actual equipment they will be using in the workplace. Additionally, the simulator can be configured in a variety of different environments for any number of industries.

Using this new technology to train contractors is the one example of how the construction industry is moving toward becoming a digital jobsite.

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