AR Enables Training

Downtime of complex equipment can lead to millions of dollars in lost revenue and days of lost productivity on a jobsite. This is why it is vital that expert knowledge can be shared with remote workers in realtime to help with repairing, troubleshooting a problem, or conducting maintenance on equipment.

VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) can help. The technology can enable training and support on equipment, ensuring downtime is minimized, and now tech companies and manufacturers are partnering up to make this a reality.

As one example, Scope AR, a provider of augmented reality smart instructions and live support video calling solutions, and Caterpillar Inc. announced availability of the CAT LIVESHARE software platform. CAT LIVESHARE delivers an augmented reality-based live video calling platform for members of the Cat dealer network to conduct realtime remote support, training, and equipment maintenance.

Through the use of CAT LIVESHARE, companies can now ensure workers complete a procedure accurately every time, while also documenting the process for accountability, performance assessment, and knowledge retention.

This one example of integrating AR into equipment for better maintenance and support, which will pave the way for contractors to use this type of technology in the construction industry.

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