A Safer Jobsite: Send in the Robots

A jobsite can be rife with hazardous situations and environments that put workers at risk. However, newly introduced robots may provide contractors with solutions to those challenges.

One example is Transcend Robotics, a provider of ground-based robotic mobility, which recently introduced the ARTI3 family of products, including the ARTI3 Mobility Platform for integrators and developers, and the ARTI3 Vantage for end-user applications such as tactical and dangerous situations.

These products leverage ARTI (Articulated Traction Control) technology for quickly climbing stairs and other obstacles. In fact, ARTI robots can ascend three steps in less than eight seconds without the need for artificial intelligence or highly trained operators. An ARTI robot simply needs to move in the forward direction to climb steps and navigate other obstacles that have previously limited robotic capabilities.

How can this technology help? The first offering, the ARTI3 Mobility Platform, enables integrators and developers to mobilize a broad range of applications, such as 3D mapping and construction management.

The second offering, the ARTI3 Vantage, brings mobile robots to the jobsite. It comes equipped with pan-tilt-zoom cameras, 30-pound payload capacity, IP-54 for wet environments, zero-degree turn radius and color LCD (liquid crystal display) remote control. ARTI3 Vantage is ideal for human and dangerous environments, such as tactical operations and hazardous inspection.

With this type of technology now available, it might be time to send in the robots to perform some of the more dangerous tasks on construction jobsites.

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