Anti-Corrosion Tech to Take Off

Anti-corrosion technology is set to take offThe market for offshore oil and gas civil construction is set to grow—and as this happens, anti-corrosion technologies such as self-healing or other smart coatings could take off.

This is according to a new report from Frost & Sullivan, which shows the mounting losses incurred due to the corrosion of metals on offshore platforms are compelling offshore owners and operators, including oil and gas and renewable-energy providers, to seek new anti-corrosion technologies.

These owners and operators are looking for materials that are able to decrease maintenance time and cost while extending the life of the offshore asset.

The three most commonly used anti-corrosion coating types include zinc-rich primers, epoxies, and polyurethanes. The wind energy industry, in particular, is looking for novel, low-cost anti-corrosion solutions that can keep pace with changing designs.

With this, the multifunctional, anti-corrosion technologies market will gain traction. For contractors working in offshore oil and gas civil construction, this could change how business in done in the future, as it will require less long-term maintenance of an asset.

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