Airless Tires Now Available for Construction

Tires are advancing at a rapid rate. Now, airless radial tires are available for the UTV market, meaning there is no pressure to maintain, eliminating the need to carry spare tires.

As one instance, Michelin Tweel Technologies recently introduced a new 26-inch airless radial tire with four-bolt-wheel-pattern hub. The company says it was originally designed for use in military special operations on light-tactical vehicles and now is appropriate for use in industries such as construction.

The airless tire is a single unit that replaces the current pneumatic tire/wheel/valve assembly. Once bolted on, there is no air pressure to maintain.

However, when facing obstacles, the tire is designed to perform like a pneumatic radial tire, but with the durability and high damage resistance of an airless tire. Additionally, the advanced spoke technology helps dampen the ride and the low-pressure contact helps provide off-road traction performance.

While this is one example, the use of airless tires is continuing to grow in the construction industry, as they offer benefits beyond those of traditional tires.

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