Advances in Land Surveying Equipment

With the development of smart cities and overall growth of construction across the globe, the use of land survey equipment is growing. As this happens, the equipment is continuing to evolve as well.

According to Reportlinker, land survey equipment manufacturers are focused on the use of IT for layout planning. This includes technologies such as 4D simulations, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, building information modeling (BIM), and more.

This type of advanced technology can help optimize layout planning during various stages of construction, enabling accurate and error-free designs and engineering on projects such as railways, commercial and residential buildings, and airports.

Another growing trend is the increased rental and leasing services of land survey equipment, which is also having an impact on the market.

Construction companies in Asia Pacific are the largest market for land survey equipment, as China is rapidly adopting technologies and BIM for architecture, engineering, and construction activities.

As this technology continues to advance, construction professionals will have new opportunities to leverage intelligence on projects, enabling safer and more efficient projects.

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