2 Ways to Increase Safety at the Construction Site

For today’s construction professional, there are a number of different ways to heighten safety on the construction jobsite. In most cases, it comes down to having the right tools, equipment and technology on the job. Here’s a look at two key ways to create a safer construction jobsite.

Fall Protection Equipment

Many construction professionals recognize the importance of fall protection equipment—body belts, suspension belts, full body harness, chest harness and safety nets, to name a few. However, now the fall protection equipment is also advancing.

This type of equipment has changed significantly in the past two decades, according to Technavio. This is because of regulations and the development of innovative new designs. For example, XSPlatforms manufacturers the XSBending kit, which absorbs the shock a worker is exposed to during fall arrest.

One of the challenges facing many organizations are still using non-standard and low-quality fall protection equipment. This is made of cheap materials and is available as an alternative to standard equipment. However, it still, places the safety of workers at risk and does not possess the strength to safeguard workers.

For construction companies looking to up safety initiatives in the months’ ahead, a good place to start, is new fall protection equipment.

Site Monitoring

Another way to improve safety is by monitoring the jobsite with regularity, and that means, constantly. Many technology companies offer cameras designed specifically to monitor construction jobsites for security, progress reporting and compliance.

One example comes from Sensera Systems, which recently announced a solar-powered, wireless job site monitoring and surveillance camera. This can manage site security with a remote-management interface that gives access to the camera using a smartphone, tablet, or PC. This example is also solar-powered with live streaming video and security recording using 3G/4G LTE cellular carriers and Wi-Fi.

While this is only one example, there are a number of different surveillance solutions available to help construction professionals keep a closer eye on the jobsite. Identifying the right technology and equipment for projects can ultimately result in safer operations and more productive worksites overall. 

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