Software to Map Underground Infrastructure

Illinois Wesleyan University chose Geospatial Corporation's GeoUnderground software to map and manage both their below-ground and above-ground infrastructure assets on the university's 85-acre campus outside of Bloomington, Illinois.

GeoUnderground's security, power and ease of use allow management, engineers, GIS (geographic information system) professionals, maintenance personnel and consultants to work synergistically and reliably to share critical 3D mapping and modeling information.

The software provides ease of use, seamless integration with enterprise systems, rich functionality, and comprehensive mapping and information management capabilities that make it a real value. It will address critical planning, design, operational and infrastructure quality issues with maximum effectiveness while optimizing capital improvement and sustainability programs.

It has the functionality of Google Maps and simple and effective GIS and CAD (computer-aided design) visualization. A map of the underground facilities can be created throughout time and above-ground facilities can be managed all on one platform for a smarter and safer campus.

There are 5,200 colleges and universities in the U.S. that are similar to a small municipality, with very old documentation and few records about the underground infrastructure. Proper location identification and unlimited documentation in the cloud for easy access control and sharing will make work in the field less expensive and safer for years to come. This one example of new software being used will pave the way for underground infrastructure.

Posted: 2/13/2017 2:45:13 AM

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