BIM and Roofing Collide

Having access to data out at the jobsite is critical for construction companies. BIM (building information modeling) can help, and is often being leveraged both in the office and at the jobsite via the cloud. New technologies continue to emerge to enable this for trades.

One new example targets roofing contractors. For instance, BIMsmith, has released yet another addition to its platform. Architects, contractors, designers, and other industry professionals can now combine roofing products and elements into one complete BIM ready assembly for Revit.

This particular platform allows industry pros to combine manufacturer specific and generic product data assemblies as they will appear in built projects. The roofing tool joins the current line up with wall, floor, and ceiling assemblies. Through the platform, professionals can build, collaborate, and share product data among key stakeholders.

BIMsmith additionally partnered with manufacturers in the roofing vertical, and BIMsmith is cloud based. Roofing is critical to any building project. While this is one example of an innovation for the construction industry, there are many BIM solutions that will assist many contractors on projects in the future.

Posted: 4/21/2017 3:54:57 PM

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