The Excavator of the Future

Increased government spending on infrastructure is driving new technology to be placed on excavators. Infrastructure development is of prime importance in any country, as it is directly proportional to the economic growth of a nation.At... Continue Reading

Monitoring Infrastructure Out of Sight

Monitoring critical infrastructure, particularly those in rural areas beyond line of sight, can be achieved much more efficiently and effectively through the use of unmanned aerial system (UAS) technology.Recently, Rockwell Collins... Continue Reading

Robots Could Solve Construction's Workforce Problem

Construction is a $10 trillion global industry. It’s also mired by waste, severe worker shortages, and weak productivity growth, all of which mean the business of building is poised for a robotic takeover.Productivity, the total economic... Continue Reading

Drones Capture Your Data

As drone data capture becomes more readily available to businesses, there are massive opportunities to improve and simplify the facility management workflow and show a clear differentiation from legacy systems that aren't adaptive.For... Continue Reading

The Future of Telematics in Construction

For the past 10 years, the construction industry has made steady strides to deliver on the promise of the data-driven jobsite. One of the hottest topics in this area has been telematics. With telematics, fleet managers can keep track of... Continue Reading

How to Get the Most Out of Your Equipment

Construction equipment is generally expensive and cannot be replaced often. Many businesses are looking for ways to get even more out of an investment. Here are a few quick tips to get the most out of your equipment.Leverage SoftwareIn... Continue Reading

How to Protect Your Network

Stringent regulations are driving the demand for short message service (SMS) firewall solutions. Growing security and privacy concerns across the globe, stringent government regulations, increased adoption of Application to Person (A2P... Continue Reading

What You Need to Know about 3D Printing

The construction industry hasn’t seen much change in the last 100 years. There are new things happening in mega-construction projects, but day-to-day construction has stayed the same. Other than a few innovative materials and techniques,... Continue Reading

Five Ways to Create Safety on Your Cranes

Creating a company culture of safety is extremely important to preventing dangerous situations for crane operators. Safe workplaces blend good training, well thought-out work procedures, and strong communication between employees and... Continue Reading

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Dozers Do More Than You Think

Connectivity is changing how equipment operates at the construction jobsite. Smart technologies now incorporated into new machines are helping contractors improve operations and cut costs.One example comes from John Deere, which is... Continue Reading

Top Five Hottest Tech at the Jobsite

The construction business is changing. More and more jobsites are being outfitted with technology solutions that increase productivity, safety, and collaboration. However, where should your construction company focus its attention... Continue Reading

Apps at the Jobsite

The use of apps at the construction jobsite is growing in popularity. Apps can help manage equipment, tools and even projects. Two examples come from Corecon Technologies Inc., a provider of cloud-based construction estimating, project... Continue Reading

Wearables: A Look at Smart Helmets

The progress made with mixed-reality technology and its potential to transform on-site workflows has placed increased demands on wearable technology, which comply with safety regulations.Tech companies continue to address the challenges,... Continue Reading

Apps: Next-Gen Tool for Construction

Apps are proliferating on the construction jobsite. From gathering machine inspection and safety data, to capturing and saving project photos, apps are in common use. But can apps also be used to make renting heavy equipment easier... Continue Reading

Data Collection Surges with GIS and GPS

New advanced GIS (geographic information system) and GPS (global positioning system) data collection solutions are now available for business processes on the jobsite.As one example, TerraGo has partnered with CompassTools, a provider of... Continue Reading

Drone Regulations: Everything You Need to Know

When working on a construction jobsite, contractors need to follow regulations and laws created to keep everyone safe.From adjusting weight limits on lifts to limiting emissions on equipment, regulations are focusing on the future. One... Continue Reading

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