Wearable Technology's Potential at the Jobsite

With the risk of accidents related to construction work, a safe and healthy jobsite is needed—and advancements in technology can minimize the mortality rate. Industrial wearables, smart glasses, smart gloves, head mounted displays... Continue Reading

A View of Your 3D Model

For construction companies, leveraging 3D modeling solutions provides a number of benefits such as more efficient project delivery and a better bottom line. However, accessing this data at the jobsite can be a challenge—which is why a... Continue Reading

Everything You Need to Know About Employee Tracking

Finding ways to increase the output of an employee is a goal of all companies. In construction, that often means time management at the jobsite. Labor can make up almost half of all construction-project costs. The more labor-intensive a... Continue Reading

GPS: How It Is Impacting the Jobsite

The global positioning system (GPS) tracking device market has been prevalent for more than 15 years, but the uptake of GPS technology in machine controls has skyrocketed in recent years.The key driving factors for the growth of the... Continue Reading

Smart Airport Construction Taking Off

Smart airports are coming—and construction professionals will need to build them. The idea behind the development of smart airports is to create an integrated system and a unified and ready-to-use digital platform for airports to... Continue Reading

Constructing Smart Buildings

Creating city and transportation systems to meet the needs of all users in 2050 and beyond is a challenge facing the construction industry. Contractors will be responsible for constructing smart structures, while keeping in mind the... Continue Reading

Check Your Jobsite Progress on Your Phone

Can your iPhone or iPad do your job for you? In the construction industry, a number of apps exist to enable greater access to data, but new technology continues to emerge and will turn the mobile devices that are already in your pocket... Continue Reading

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The Need for Pipeline Infrastructure

A new report found that rejecting pipeline infrastructure would remove almost one-third of U.S. electricity generation capacity by 2030, dangerously raising electric rates nationwide.The report found that 31 percent of U.S. electricity... Continue Reading

Technology: Impact on Highway Construction

Infrastructure projects are complex and have a unique set of requirements. Contractors working on these types of projects need to be aware of regulations, safety mandates and so much more in order to succeed.In fact, a new report on the... Continue Reading

Taking Stock of New Technologies at CONEXPO-CON/AGG

CONEXPO-CON/AGG attendees took stock of the new technologies incorporated into equipment on display at the show, and they said that an improving business environment is spurring confidence in purchasing decisions.“We just enjoy seeing... Continue Reading

The Speed and Impact of Telematics

$1.2 trillion. That is the amount of money that companies spend annually on business travel. Imagine if that number could be reduced. Well, it can.Technology can help address some of the inherent challenges with travel in any business... Continue Reading

Top Five Technology Game Changers

Spending on personal technologies is massive and expected to grow to $2.7 trillion a year by 2019, according to Gartner. The analyst firm is now forecasting the top five personal technologies that will disrupt business.Many of the... Continue Reading

Dozers Include Intelligent Features

Technology continues to grow in the construction market and that includes equipping heavy machinery with tools designed to make the job easier.For example, Komatsu America Corp. recently introduced the D155AXi-8 Radio Control dozer, the... Continue Reading

Drones Taking off in Construction

The use of drones is growing in the construction industry, as construction professionals increasingly understand the benefits they offer for surveying and other important jobsite tasks.In fact, throughout the next decade, rapidly... Continue Reading

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