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Mobile Tech Enhances Jobsite Productivity

Construction workers at the jobsite need access to information immediately—including daily reports, personnel status updates, and a whole lot more when it comes to real time data. Now, new technology offers more data for workers on... Continue Reading

New Wearable Safety Devices Help In Emergencies

Can wearables help make the construction jobsite a little bit safer? Now, new companies are coming to market with technology designed to protect workers and keep them safe.One new example comes from Bravo Target Safety, which is a... Continue Reading

Electric Vehicles: More Fleets Going Green

Electric vehicles (EV) are a growing trend both on and off the jobsite—and now manufacturers are offering new equipment, while users are demonstrating how fleets can go green.Manufacturers Move to EVMore often, manufacturers are offering... Continue Reading

Advances in Land Surveying Equipment

With the development of smart cities and overall growth of construction across the globe, the use of land survey equipment is growing. As this happens, the equipment is continuing to evolve as well.According to Reportlinker, land survey... Continue Reading

New Generation Brings New Technology

As many construction companies are passing the business down to the younger generation of construction workers, new ownership is more often looking to technology at the construction jobsite.Better efficiency, data, and communication are... Continue Reading

End-to-End Telematics Solutions for Construction

Telematics can help deliver better collaboration across a project, providing the right information to the right people at the right time. This ultimately helps reduce lifecycle service costs and drives higher asset use.Decisiv, a... Continue Reading

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Apps at the Jobsite

The use of apps at the construction jobsite is growing in popularity. Apps can help manage equipment, tools and even projects. Two examples come from Corecon Technologies Inc., a provider of cloud-based construction estimating, project... Continue Reading

Dozers Do More Than You Think

Connectivity is changing how equipment operates at the construction jobsite. Smart technologies now incorporated into new machines are helping contractors improve operations and cut costs.One example comes from John Deere, which is... Continue Reading

Apps: Next-Gen Tool for Construction

Apps are proliferating on the construction jobsite. From gathering machine inspection and safety data, to capturing and saving project photos, apps are in common use. But can apps also be used to make renting heavy equipment easier... Continue Reading

Data Collection Surges with GIS and GPS

New advanced GIS (geographic information system) and GPS (global positioning system) data collection solutions are now available for business processes on the jobsite.As one example, TerraGo has partnered with CompassTools, a provider of... Continue Reading

Drone Regulations: Everything You Need to Know

When working on a construction jobsite, contractors need to follow regulations and laws created to keep everyone safe.From adjusting weight limits on lifts to limiting emissions on equipment, regulations are focusing on the future. One... Continue Reading

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