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Artificial Intelligence Builds Better

JE Dunn Construction Company understands the importance of AI (artificial intelligence)—so much so that it spun off a technology company—Site 1001—that develops an intelligent facilities management platform back in 2016... Continue Reading

The Future of the Connected Jobsite

Better performance. Increased efficiency. Exceptional precision. It’s no secret that emerging technologies have improved the compact equipment industry. But what’s next?Let’s jump ahead 10 years to 2027 and enter the era of connected... Continue Reading

Using Technology to Classify and Manage Aggregates

As many construction professionals know, an aggregate is one of the various components that come together to make up a compound material. With variables such as size, shape, and consistency, classifying aggregates can help manage them... Continue Reading

Big Data Makes a Big Impact at the Jobsite

Collecting data is getting easier as technology advances. For construction, there are many ways to collect data at the jobsite. Personnel can use wearables, smartphones, tablets and other devices.These mobile devices can be used to... Continue Reading

Concrete Gets Smarter: Take a Look Inside

Concrete is one of the most common construction materials in the world, as it is cheap, strong, and easily made. However, a challenge of concrete is that it cannot withstand tension, which can cause cracks easily. As such, there has been... Continue Reading

Research Lab Goes Solar, Sees Cost Savings

Construction companies are more often tasked with determining what types of materials and systems to use on particular projects. Solar, as one example, has generated a lot of interest as an option to improve energy efficiency, but does... Continue Reading

Digging Up Mining Innovation

New technology is pushing the mining construction equipment market forward. Onshore mineral-rich mines are nearing exhaustion; the focus has shifted to offshore mining activities. The bottom of the ocean is rich in precious metals and... Continue Reading

The Value of Macro BIM

Having the right data on a construction jobsite is critical. Often that information begins in a model. But how does everything in building information modeling (BIM) translate to the work that is being done out at the construction... Continue Reading

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When Will AR/VR Really Take Off at the Jobsite?

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the value of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in the construction industry. The technology can help visualize what a space will look like before a structure is built. Many... Continue Reading

Episode 69: Autonomous Trucks | Equipment Uptime

Tuesday, July 18, 2017Listen now to the full episode, or select from the segments below.Segment 1: Green FleetsPeggy Smedley talks about new ways that fleets are going green.Listen Now Segment 2: How Autonomous Trucks Will Advance Work... Continue Reading

Quick Poll: Cast your vote!

As a construction professional, you know our industry best. Which candidate do you think will move our industry forward and create opportunities for you to succeed? Continue Reading

The Secret to Creating a Safer Construction Site

The instinct to be safe is a primal one. Humans and animals are equipped with the fight or flight response to react to external threats. Beyond what is instinctively available to us, there are many devices and items to keep everyone... Continue Reading

Backhoe Market Loaded with Growth

The backhoe loader market is set to surpass $4 billion by 2026. The top global players accounted for a nearly 85-percent revenue share of the $2.14 billion backhoe loader market in 2015. APEJ (Asia Pacific excluding Japan), the largest... Continue Reading

Solving Top 4 Problems on Jobsites through the IoT

Working on a commercial jobsite can be extremely fast-paced and frenzied, leaving contractors with little time to focus on more than the day-to-day. Finding ways to be more efficient, particularly when multiple subcontractors are also... Continue Reading

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