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Energy-Efficient HVAC Growth

The growing need for energy-efficient HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems, increasing construction activities, and augmenting demand for integration of modern technology in control systems and equipment are few of... Continue Reading

Drone Regulations: Everything You Need to Know

When working on a construction jobsite, contractors need to follow regulations and laws created to keep everyone safe.From adjusting weight limits on lifts to limiting emissions on equipment, regulations are focusing on the future. One... Continue Reading

Reducing Construction Fatalities

Out of 4,379 worker fatalities in private industry in calendar year 2015, 937 or 21.4% were in construction. That is, one in five worker deaths that year were in construction.The leading causes of private sector worker deaths, excluding... Continue Reading

Demand for Efficient Heating Equipment

Growing demand for energy-efficient heating equipment and favorable government initiatives is projected to change heating equipment.For contractors serving this market, advances will change how projects are done. The U.S. heating... Continue Reading

Increasing Demand for Smart-City Solutions

All across the globe, smart cities are emerging, creating new opportunities for both government and citizens. The challenge is building these connected municipalities—which will require construction companies to partner up with tech... Continue Reading

IoT Market on the Rise

The construction jobsite is becoming more connected—thanks in part to the advent of the IoT (Internet of Things). Do you know how the IoT is going to impact your jobsite? The implications of the technology might extend a little bit... Continue Reading

Compacting Equipment Evolves

Just about every construction jobsite has one. So it was no surprise to hear that a compactor, a machine or mechanism used to reduce the thickness of materials such as soil, aggregates, or concrete by filling the air voids present in the... Continue Reading

Building in Building Automation

More corporate owners want building automation for myriad reasons—greater control, improve energy efficiency, heightened safety and security, and more. Now it is a matter of determining how to incorporate these systems into new projects... Continue Reading

Data Center Construction Set to Grow

The general construction sector occupies a majority 43% of the global data center construction market. This sector encompasses the design and construction of a well-secured facility, in addition to installing the setup, flooring... Continue Reading

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Top Three: Electric Drives the Future

Electric drives are becoming more common and could prove useful in construction equipment on the jobsite. Electric drives allow contractors to get real-time information on the performance of their key equipment.As a result of their... Continue Reading

Episode 51: Asset Management | Trucking Trends

Tuesday, March 7, 2017Listen now to the full episode, or select from the segments below.Segment 1: The Tech ExperienceHost Peggy Smedley highlights some of the latest technology innovations for construction.Listen Now Segment 2: Asset... Continue Reading

Digging into the Excavator Market

Japan’s excavator market will get a boost from upcoming projects in the capital and surrounding area. The excavator market is expected to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of approximately 18 percent from 2017-2021, according... Continue Reading

Constructing Connected Railways of the Future

For more than 200 years, railways and railroads have been a part of the transportation landscape. Starting with the steam locomotive and evolving into electric railways within the first 100 years, railroads and trains have covered a lot... Continue Reading

Episode 49: Tire Trends | Robotic Systems

TUESDAY, February 21, 2017Listen now to the full episode, or select from the segments below.Segment 1: Changes for AggregatesHost Peggy Smedley looks at how new technology is changing aggregates in construction.Listen Now Segment 2: Tire... Continue Reading

Top 3 Trends for Hydraulics

The global hydraulic equipment market for mobile applications is evolving, and there are three emerging trends that will have a significant impact on the market.Technavio recently issued a new report that focuses on the market and... Continue Reading

3 Ways Telematics Can Help with Fleet Management

Technology is rapidly advancing. With the IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (machine-to-machine) technology, we have new capabilities today that previously we would have never thought were possible. It’s important to stay on top of... Continue Reading

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