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Airport Construction Is Taking Off

Timetric's Construction Intelligence Center (CIC) is currently tracking airport construction projects in the Americas with a total value of $135.9 billion, comprising projects from the announced to execution stages. Contractors who keep... Continue Reading

Safer and Smarter Demolition

Demolition can be a dangerous and tedious job. There have been advancements in demolition equipment for the construction industry, namely demo robots that do the work. Now, new robot options are coming to market.As one example, Aquajet... Continue Reading

How to Win the Bid

With the amount of competition in the construction industry for projects, there are many challenges construction companies face when trying to win work.Procurement market intelligence firm SpendEdge recently examined the advantages and... Continue Reading

BIM Moves Forward

Construction companies have an arsenal of tools to improve operations both in the office and at the jobsite—and often it all starts at the very beginning, in the model.The BIM (building information modeling) process is changing how work... Continue Reading

Infrastructure that Heals Itself

Self-healing materials have the ability to repair damages on their own due to their mechanical friction and with the efflux of time. Post injury, the molecules of these materials re-adjust to replicate the original material. Initiation... Continue Reading

Recording Project Progress

Daily reports are a necessity on the jobsite and technology can help make it smoother and easier. Filling out forms directly from mobile devices means workers no longer have to waste time at the end of the day becoming paper-pushers.As... Continue Reading

How to Quickly Map Your Site

Technology innovations can happen in the blink of an eye. The drone industry has provided a lot of solutions for the construction industry. Being able to survey an area in a fraction of the time with more information is here.For instance... Continue Reading

Infrastructure Demand Drives Rebar Market

The need to modernize infrastructure is continuing and so too is the need for more advanced construction materials at the jobsite, take for instance, steel rebar.Increasing consumption of steel rebar in infrastructure, housing, and... Continue Reading

IoT for Intelligent Buildings

Internet-connected devices that collect and communicate data are changing the way the construction industry does business and the way that buildings are built.Today, Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled intelligent building solutions are... Continue Reading

Saving Costs on Your Projects

According to the latest procurement intelligence report from Technavio, the global building materials market should be on the rise during the next five years due to strong global economic growth, increase in the commercial activities... Continue Reading

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Excavator Tech Really Digs in At Jobsite

Construction companies will get a hand on the jobsite in the form of a new excavator. Trimble and Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., have teamed up to bring a high-tech excavator to the market in Japan.The new 20-ton class ... Continue Reading

Drone Investments Take Flight

Drones on the jobsite aren’t commonplace yet, but new technologies and market projections have them popping up all over the place. Dronomy, the construction drone-software start-up, has secured investments to propel the market forward... Continue Reading

A Look inside 3D Printers

Most 3D printer users are restricted to printing only certain types of designs because there are limited options available when it comes to support material, or support structures. This is one of the current challenges that exists in the... Continue Reading

ELD Mandate: What You Need to Know

When it comes to the technology trends and what contractors need to think about as technology rapidly changes; top of mind will be: How do I make my fleet safer and become more efficient without having a bunch of disparate systems... Continue Reading

ITS: The Future Is Here

In early November, Americans went to the polls to choose their new leaders. And the outcome of this election will impact what steps are taken to improve infrastructure—and how technology will play a role.Regardless of how the election... Continue Reading

Cranes: Technology at the Top

Cranes are perhaps one of the most recognizable types of construction equipment. That may partly be due to the fact they can be seen hoisting materials up high, or sitting atop of a new structure being built. Crane models are available... Continue Reading

Episode 47: Smarter Jobsites | Aggregates

TUESDAY, February 7, 2017Listen now to the full episode, or select from the segments below.Segment 1: Funding New TechHost Peggy Smedley shares the latest news related to electric and hybrid vehicles. Listen Now Segment 2: Smarter, Safer... Continue Reading

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