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Smart Cities = Smart Construction

With the number of smart cities increasing from about two dozen to more than 100 in just a few years, the market for these connected communities is already on a strong path. Contractors need to be aware of the new technology advances in... Continue Reading

Connecting Your Project

Connectivity in large open spaces is a challenge. Being able to have a wireless solution to cast a large Internet of Things (IoT) networks across buildings, business parks, large facilities, cities, and venues is difficult because of the... Continue Reading

Can Drones Save 75% of Your Time?

Using drones on the jobsite for site mapping has become popular. There are many solutions available for contractors—and it could save your business a very significant amount of time on projects.At least that is the claim from one... Continue Reading

Safety Solutions for Your Fleet

On-board diagnostics (OBD) systems are in most cars and light trucks on the road today. Through the years, they have become more sophisticated. OBDII, a new standard introduced in the mid-1990s, provides almost complete engine control... Continue Reading

Smart Glasses Offer Opportunity

Wearable technology on the jobsite has opened up new opportunities for contractors to do their work. Smart glasses are one example of a wearable that serves multiple purposes. With the ability to have augmented reality (AR) and virtual... Continue Reading

How to Go Paperless on the Jobsite

Going paperless at the jobsite is getting easier with new technology. Recently, Balfour Beatty US has gone that route with some construction software.Balfour Beatty US selected Egnyte Connect as its company-wide content collaboration... Continue Reading

A Greener Project Lifecycle

Buildings built using green technologies are resource-efficient across the lifecycle of the building. This includes design, operation, renovation and maintenance, and demolition. Although a green building encounters higher costs during... Continue Reading

Top Five Hottest Tech at the Jobsite

The construction business is changing. More and more jobsites are being outfitted with technology solutions that increase productivity, safety, and collaboration. However, where should your construction company focus its attention... Continue Reading

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Excavator Tech Really Digs in At Jobsite

Construction companies will get a hand on the jobsite in the form of a new excavator. Trimble and Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., have teamed up to bring a high-tech excavator to the market in Japan.The new 20-ton class ... Continue Reading

Drone Investments Take Flight

Drones on the jobsite aren’t commonplace yet, but new technologies and market projections have them popping up all over the place. Dronomy, the construction drone-software start-up, has secured investments to propel the market forward... Continue Reading

A Look inside 3D Printers

Most 3D printer users are restricted to printing only certain types of designs because there are limited options available when it comes to support material, or support structures. This is one of the current challenges that exists in the... Continue Reading

ELD Mandate: What You Need to Know

When it comes to the technology trends and what contractors need to think about as technology rapidly changes; top of mind will be: How do I make my fleet safer and become more efficient without having a bunch of disparate systems... Continue Reading

ITS: The Future Is Here

In early November, Americans went to the polls to choose their new leaders. And the outcome of this election will impact what steps are taken to improve infrastructure—and how technology will play a role.Regardless of how the election... Continue Reading

Cranes: Technology at the Top

Cranes are perhaps one of the most recognizable types of construction equipment. That may partly be due to the fact they can be seen hoisting materials up high, or sitting atop of a new structure being built. Crane models are available... Continue Reading

Episode 47: Smarter Jobsites | Aggregates

TUESDAY, February 7, 2017Listen now to the full episode, or select from the segments below.Segment 1: Funding New TechHost Peggy Smedley shares the latest news related to electric and hybrid vehicles. Listen Now Segment 2: Smarter, Safer... Continue Reading

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