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Contractors Build Quality of Life: Read Their Stories

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CONEXPO-CON/AGG is publishing stories about the tremendous work done by the construction industry, work that gives us the highest quality of life in the history of the world. The stories feature contractors and their recent and current construction projects.

These contractors participated in the CONEXPO-CON/AGG Quality of Life Campaign. They will see you at the show.

Making a Difference: Contractor Stories on Contributions of Construction

The New Mississippi River Bridge Is a Boon to the Region
Commuters in greater St. Louis know all about slowdowns on the Poplar Street Bridge. The bridge’s 1960s construction specifications were good for traffic flow 50 years ago, but not for the number of cars and trucks on the road today. And it’s the only urban interstate bridge connecting Illinois and Missouri.

Construction Across a Highway in North Houston? No Problem.
Who doesn’t groan in resignation when the local newspaper or ride-and-drive newscaster reports that a construction project will close sections of a vital highway for repairs?

As Subway Extension Construction Project Reduces Congestion, Toronto Commuters Will Benefit
To put the value of a construction project in perspective, it helps to understand the costs of not doing the construction.

Improved Road Equals Improved Well-Being for Residents in Booming Rapid City, South Dakota
Traffic in Rapid City may be hampered during construction on Jackson Boulevard, but in the end it will all be worth it. The safety and environmental benefits of this very necessary work will make a huge difference to the quality of life in Rapid City.

Des Moines Riverwalk Construction Curbs Flooding, Looks Great
Every city wants to boast about its quality of life, but the construction of the Principal Riverwalk gives Des Moines a distinct advantage in the quality of life contest.

New York Travelers Have Benefited from Runway Construction as JFK Delays Reduced by Estimated 10,500 Hours
Anyone who flies a lot has wondered what could be done to eliminate delays. Just one experience of sitting in a terminal or on a runway for several hours is something no one wants to repeat.

New Solar Plant Brings Jobs, Cheaper Energy and Cleaner Air to Nevada Residents
Building the world’s largest central tower receiver concentrating solar power (CSP) plant near Tonopah, Nevada is bringing new jobs to the area and bolstering its economy, as well as providing energy to customers hundreds of miles away.

Miron Construction Builds Quality of Life in Wisconsin
A middle school looking to improve energy efficiency; a shelter for abused women in desperate need of an upgrade; an NFL football team seeking to expand its stadium to satisfy thousands of wait-listed fans; a sanitary landfill operator striving to convert household waste into electric power.

New Medical and Convention Center Complex Brings New Life to Downtown Cleveland
Urban renewal construction projects in once-decaying, but rebounding cities have long contributed to economic development, creating jobs and improvement in quality of life for the area. That’s exactly what’s occurred in Cleveland, Ohio with a new downtown complex expected to create hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs.

World’s Largest Urban Rafting Course Making a Big Splash to Columbus, Georgia Area Economy
What would you do if the quality-of-life goals of your city were to boost the local economy by adding jobs and enticing more tourism with a serious recreational destination? You’d build an urban whitewater course, right? That’s what they did in west central Georgia.

Gerald Desmond Bridge Means Quality of Life with Eased Traffic, Boosted Commerce, and Greener Ships in Port of Long Beach
How does an 8,800-foot bridge in Long Beach, Calif., improve the quality of life for a person in Iowa or South Dakota or Texas? By carrying 15 percent of all the cargo coming into our nation’s ports.

Keeping New Philadelphia, Ohio Residents Safe and Warm
Like any urban area, New Philadelphia, Ohio relies on dependable and affordable energy and minimal disruption over utility upgrades, to ensure a good quality of life for its residents. A major project to replace existing pipeline that brings natural gas to New Philadelphia homes is keeping residents free of worry over their energy needs today and into the future.

Aggregates Industry and the ‘Sand King’ Provide Safer Winter Driving, Environmental and Economic Benefits in Edmonton, Alberta, CA
Anyone living in an area where sand is mixed with chemicals to melt snow can tell you about the ugly debris that remains when the snow disappears. Gritty, dirty and dusty sand, both an aesthetic and environmental nuisance, has to go somewhere after it’s swept up with the residue. Sand for winter roads is a must.

Rebuilding New Orleans Started with Demolition, Cleanup – ‘Demo Diva’ Goes Beyond the Worksite
Simone Bruni, the “diva” of The Demo Diva Demolition Company, knows firsthand that that one person committed to helping their hometown can improve everyone’s quality of life. Before rebuilding New Orleans could start following Hurricane Katrina in August 2005, there had to be demolition and cleanup: that’s where Bruni took the stage.

Mass Transit Construction Projects in New York City Create Quality of Life Improvements for Commuters
When your daily commute involves millions of people, part of your quality of life depends on how efficiently you can get to work and, more importantly, how easily you can get home. For many in the New York City area, that means trains and subways.

Cleaning Up Contaminated New Jersey Land Improves Quality of Life with New Energy Center, Public Waterfront Park
Cleaning up old contaminated industrial sites ranks high on any measure for improving the quality of life in cities and towns across America. And if you can regain access to a riverfront that hasn’t been used in a hundred years, so much the better.

Hunting, Fishing, and Commuting: Kentucky’s Eggner’s Ferry Bridge Repair Keeps People Moving in the Western Lakes Region
When a cargo ship took out a 322-foot section of the Eggner’s Ferry Bridge in January 2012, local commuters in Kentucky’s Marshall, Calloway and Trig counties suddenly faced significantly longer travel times.

Streetcar Project Drives Neighborhood Renaissance
Cities across the U.S. look for ways to improve the quality of life for the residents of their downtown areas. Salt Lake City, trying to improve the public transportation system, looked backward to an earlier time and decided to resurrect its streetcar line.

North Bend, Nebraska Knows a Library Contributes to Residents’ Quality of Life
Innovations that make our quality of life can be found in surprising places – such as rural Nebraska, where a special geothermal heating and cooling system has brought comfort and cost savings to a new library in North Bend.

Modern Construction Methods Offer Nederland Residents Improved Water Quality and Scenic Views of Barker Reservoir
One measure of a community’s quality of life is the quality of its water. Another is the appearance of the community. By replacing open waste lagoons on the banks of the Barker Memorial Reservoir with a new wastewater treatment plant, Nederland, Colo. has taken important steps to better the community in both these categories.

Raising Devils Lake Levee Saves Town, Boosts Economy
“Come hell or high water” has a special meaning for the people in the town of Devils Lake, N.D. The town of Devils Lake has endured the threat of flooding since its founding that has taken a huge financial toll on the area.

Boardwalk Reconstruction Restores the Lifeblood of a Tiny New Jersey Beach Town
Hurricane Sandy wrecked the coast line and quality of life in Lavallette, New Jersey, and Albert Marine Construction put it back together again. When the city engineers had finished surveying the damage two days after the storm, a high priority was reconstructing city’s much used wooden boardwalk.

Construction of Medical Facility in Historic Rural Missouri Area Brings State-of-the-Art Healthcare Close to Home
Thanks to a newly constructed medical facility, the residents of rural Ste. Genevieve County are enjoying greater quality of life with expanded access to specialists, quality healthcare services, and convenient clinic and pharmacy hours.

New Jersey Family’s Construction Company Rebuilding Quality of Life After ‘Sandy’
We often hear stories about how far contractors go to help restore quality of life to communities devastated by disasters. Often in harm’s way, they’re unheralded, silently contributing to making life better for others.

Rebuilt Interchange Blends Safety, History and Aesthetics Enriching Quality of Life for Arizonans
When the Cordes Junction interchange was built in the early 1960s, the population of Arizona was 1.3 million with few envisioning that less than 50 years later more than 6.5 million residents would inhabit the state.

Renovated High Rise Brings Improved Quality of Life to Disabled Seniors
Perhaps no generational group in history has been more studied and scrutinized than baby boomers, those people born between 1946 and 1955. They account for nearly 40 million people in the United States today along with 38 million "late boomers," those born between 1956 and 1964.

Contractor’s Stewardship Betters Quality of Life on Colorado’s Northern Front Range
Gerrard Excavating has served builders and developers along Colorado’s Northern Front Range since 1984. In the beginning, the family-owned business specialized in excavating foundations and grading small construction sites. Proud of its commitment to quality and excellence, Gerrard grew to become one of the region’s largest infrastructure and site prep development contractors.

Scaggs Site Development Lends a Needed Hand to People of Southern Maryland
Whether plowing snow on southern Maryland roads during a blizzard, “greening” the site of a solar plant, demolishing a blighted building or donating time and services to local charitable organizations, the one sure thing about Jason Scaggs is that he lends a hand toward the betterment of quality of life.

The ‘Stream Team’ Transforms Flood Plain to Improve Quality of Life for Iowans
The city of West Branch, Iowa is the birthplace and boyhood home of Herbert Hoover, 31st President of the United States. With its great historical significance, the city is home to The Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum, one of the state’s major tourist attractions.

Quality of Life in Southbridge, Mass. Was Damaged by Tornado, but the Bad Girlz Kept Truckin’ to Contribute to Community Rebound
As the owner of Bad Girlz Truckin, a Southbridge, Mass., construction trucking company, Elizabeth MacCue demonstrated she knows the value of helping restore quality of life for her community after a tornado tore through her hometown, killing three and injuring more than 200.

Reconstructed Hart Park Field Helps Make a Great Quality of Life in Wauwatosa, WI
For almost 100 years, Hart Park has been a vital part of the high quality of life enjoyed by Wauwatosa residents. And when the Common Council approved funds for athletic field upgrades, the city continued its proud tradition of maintaining that high quality of life through a construction project that met and exceeded all expectations.

Des Moines, Iowa Area Businesses, Residents Benefit from Area Public, Private Construction Projects
The Midwestern city of Des Moines, Iowa can be seen as a microcosm of the quality of life benefits that construction brings to an area by looking at three of the four significant construction projects.

Atlanta Healthcare Construction Project Lays Groundwork for Improved Patient Care, Convenience
Emory Healthcare of Atlanta, Ga. is one of the nation’s premier healthcare providers, and a renovation and expansion construction project at its Clifton Campus, which includes its flagship hospital, will improve the quality of life for patients and all who use its facilities and services.