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New Polish highway projects are being planned
Plans are moving forward for two key highway projects in Poland.
World Highways – 8/15/2014

Plans now in place for new Uruguay-Argentina bridge
Plans are now in place for a new bridge that will link Uruguay and Argentina.
World Highways – 8/4/2014

Three bridges to be replaced in Nuremburg
In the southern German city of Nuremburg plans are being made for work to replace three old concrete bridges.
World Highways – 8/4/2014

Planned highway upgrade for Mexico's Sonoro State
Plans are in hand to upgrade a major highway in Mexico's Sonoro state. A budget of US$1.6 billion has been set in place for the necessary work.
World Highways – 7/28/2014

Italian market looks up
The Italian construction industry is showing signs of recovering, with sales in construction equipment up 16% during the first half of 2014, according to figures from Italian construction equipment trade association UNACEA.
Construction Europe – 7/28/2014

Go-ahead for new Saudi Arabia highway
In Saudi Arabia the go-ahead has been given for a new expressway that will connect Qassim with Makkah.
World Highways – 7/25/2014

Construction work on new Mexican motorway link is underway
In Mexico work is now underway on the La Marquesa-Toluca highway. The project is costing some US$269.5 million in all.
World Highways – 7/21/2014

Canadian Housing Starts Stable in June
Housing starts in Canada were trending at 185,939 units in June compared to 184,019 in May, according to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).
AED News – 7/14/2014

Planned Paraguayan project proposed
Plans are in hand in Paraguay for the new Carmelo Peralta-Pozo Hondo highway stretch.
World Highways – 7/11/2014

Chile-Argentina tunnel project moving ahead
So far 18 companies have been registered as eligible for tenders in the Agua Negra Tunnel project, which will link Argentina with Chile.
World Highways – 7/4/2014